Airplane and Train Crash Maps

The following Google Maps form a series of documentaries about the history of plane and train crash sites. With each you can zoom in close on the actual location and read links to articles from other sources about the crash. Associated with the Google Map is a Google Earth KML file that can enable you to digitally walk the scene and see it in 3D.

Click on the map title below to go to the blog page with an embedded map, photos and background and source information about each subject.

90+ Years of Airplane Crash Site Maps
If you compare the images below you can see the globalization 
and growth of commercial flight over a 90-year period.


Train Crash Site Maps

    Airplane Crashes between 1920-1960.
    ©Google / MyReadingMapped

    Airplane Crashes between 1961-1970.
    ©Google / MyReadingMapped
    Airplane Crashes between 1971-1980.
    ©Google / MyReadingMapped
    Airplane Crashes between 1981-1990.
    ©Google / MyReadingMapped
      Airplane Crashes between 1991-2000.
      ©Google / MyReadingMapped
    Airplane Crashes between 2001-2010.
    ©Google / MyReadingMapped
    Plane Wrecks Seen in Google Map.
    Interesting Facts About Airplane Crash Sites.
    ©GoogleMap/Panoramio by Ali Mohmad.
    Train Crashes 2010 through 2014.
    ©Google / MyReadingMapped
    The Great Train Crashes between 1830-1930.
    ©Google / MyReadingMapped
    Train Crashes 1930-1949.
    ©Google / MyReadingMapped

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