Explorer and Conqueror Interactive Map Documentaries

Darwin's Voyage of the Beagle.
The following Google Maps form a series of documentaries on the history of exploration expeditions. Thus, you can follow the explorers and zoom in on the actual locations, while you read the explorer's book that is available free with each map that has one. For your convenience, each location in the map is quoted and page-referenced to the explorer's eBook and is numbered in the correct order. To obtain the book simply click the Book link associated with each map below.

In addition, each map has an associated Google Earth KML file that enables you to digitally walk the Google Map in 3D from location marker to location marker. Thus, you can experience the expedition yourself.

(In alphabetical order by region of origin.)

Click on the map title below to go to the blog page with an embedded map, photos and background and source information about each subject.

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American Explorers:
Isabella Lucy Bird's Yangtze River Expedition.

Asian Explorers:
Xuanzang's Pilgrimage to India.

British Explorers:
Mungo Park's exploration of the
interior districts of Africa.


German Explorers:

Greek and Latin Explorers:
Alexander the Great's travels and battles.

Scandinavian Explorers:
Amundsen's South Pole Expedition

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