Interactive Map of the Exploration of the Amazon

In this documentary, in the form of a Google Map, you can zoom in on William Lewis Herndon's exploration of Amazon Valley from Lima, Peru on the Pacific Ocean, down the Amazon River to the Atlantic Ocean, in order to determine the commercial feasibility of using the Amazon River for the transport of gold and silver from the mines of eastern Peru. Unlike most maps, this map enables you to digitally experience the expedition and zoom in close on each location while you read his eBook online.

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The locations in this map were determined for Herndon's book,  Exploration of the Valley of the Amazon Vol.1   Many of the locations, who's names changed, were determined with the help of  Mitchell's 1850 Map of South America. Thus, you can track their actual progress across the Amazon Valley as you read the online version of this book. 

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#33 = San Antonio

9 December 1851 -  “San Antonio is a village about two miles below the mouth of the Iça. It is a collection of four or five houses of Brazilians, and a few Indian huts.”
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