Interactive Map of Oceanic Trenches and other Undersea Phenomena

In this documentary, in the form of a Google Map, you can explore the oceanic trenches and other Undersea Phenomena, such as mid-ocean ridges, oceanic plateaus, oceanic basins, abyssal plains, submarine volcanoes, and submarine canyons, in order to give you a better understanding of what is under the sea. I even provided term definitions and color coding within the map. (See the warning symbols within the map).

The locations were determined from Wikipedia's "List of submarine topographical features."

To avoid confusion, I added the orange callouts to this Wikipedia
provided image of Oceanic Zones, in order to relate it to the
Oceanic Topographical terms used in my interactive map, and the terms
used on Wikipedia's List of Submarine Topographical Features,
where the unedited image originally appeared.

Wikipedia Commons

As this image shows in the lower right corner, you can submerge down
34,533 feet into the Mariana Trench with
this Google Earth KML file.
Be sure to turn on the oceans layer in order to travel underwater.

Harve Surmount in Google Earth.

For a visual library of basic undersea terminology see Understanding the Ocean Bottom in Google Map.

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