Interactive Map of Vitus Bering's fatal expedition of 1734

This documentary, in the form of a Google Map, follows the 1734 adventures of the Danish explorer, Vitus Bering, as he crosses Siberia, and sails across the Pacific Ocean to explore the coast of Alaska. Unlike most maps, this map enables you to digitally experience the expedition and zoom in close on each location while you read the eBook online.

The locations are determined from the following:
While the book covers both the adventures of Bering's ship and that of it's sister ship, commanded by Chirikof, I limited the above map to only the travels of Bering so as not to confuse you with all the crisscrossing of paths as a result of the ships being separated by a storm at night.  And, to give you a better sense of the unknown that Bering had to deal with, not knowing that his sister ship was at times a mere 40 miles distant. Much of the zigzagging in the route is the result of both weather and efforts to find the sister ship.

Considering that both ships had only 5-1/2 months of poor quality provisions and were exploring an area they found to be barren, Bering had to make a controversial decision to limit exploration since his first landing was already 2-1/2 months into the expedition.

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#18 - Bering searches for Chirikof's ship

Book: The tracks and landfalls of Bering and Chirikof on Northwest coast of America
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eBook here.

Page 16 - “ Chirikof held a course to the southward and then to the eastward while Bering searched for his companion for two days nearly in the vicinity of the separation…” 

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