Interactive Map of the Works of Frank Lloyd Wright

In this documentary, in the form of an interactive Google Map, you can zoom in on the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright to see how well he succeeded in designing structures that were in harmony with humanity and its environment. Over the last 50+ years, some of his architecture appear essentially unchanged, while others have been dramatically renovated. For some, urban development has encroached in on them and changed the environment under which they were built. Many of these structures can be viewed in Google Street by simply zooming in on the street until the map switches from Google Map to Google Street as shown in the samples below.

The locations and coordinates were provided by the following:

Frank Lloyd Wright's Studio and Home in Google Street.

The Waller Apartments in Google Street.

Fallingwater House.
Wikipedia Commons
The Hillside Home School.
©Talisin Preservation, Inc.
The Darwin D. Martin House.
Wikipedia Commons

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