The Roller Coasters of Google Map

With this documentary, in the form of a Google Map, you can zoom in on over 225 of the tallest, fastest, longest, steepest, and best polled Roller Coasters in the world, in order to check out all the dips, inclines and curves, that scare the heck out of me. While you could never get me on one of these, my wife and kids just love riding them because of all the reasons I will not ride them. As this map indicates there is a worldwide love for roller coasters.

Each roller coaster is color and symbol coded for wood vs. steel, and to identify the record holders for the tallest, fastest, steepest, and longest. Those record holders being: Colosso, El Toro, Formula Rossa, Kinda Ka, Steel Dragon 2000, Superman: Krypton Coaster, T Express, Takabisha, and The Beast. The color and symbol coding is as follows: 
  • Red Dots: Wood Coasters
  • Yellow Dots: Steel Coasters
  • Stars: Record Holders

The roller coasters and locations were determined from the following:

The roller coasters shown below are some of the most interesting when viewed in Google Map. So to see those dips, inclines and curves be sure to zoom in real close.

Nitro, Six Flags Great Adventure.
Roar, Six Flags Discovery Kingdom.
Stand on top of Colossos and look down
in Google Earth with the Building Layer turned on.


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