Plane Wrecks Seen in Google Map

Having made several Google Map documentaries about commercial airplane crash sites, I did not find any wreckage utilizing the coordinates provided by Wikipedia's List of accidents and incidents involving commercial aircraft that could be seen in Google Map or Google Earth. I even researched several abandoned plane sites and few had any coordinates that were of any help. 

The only sites I found that have plane wreckage are Google Earth Hacks and They both provide links to upload into Google Earth or view in Google Map. But, you can only view them one at a time. However, I soon discovered that many of these wreckage sites no longer show a plane wreck, or show a plane that is simply being stored, or an abandoned plane that does not appear to have been in a crash, or a plane that was moved to area where it can be disassembled. No real signs of an actual crash having occurred at that specific location. This becomes very frustrating when you are having to check each one them one at a time and don't find what your are searching for.

So to make it easy for you, I placed as many as I could find on the above sites and elsewhere and put them in this one Google Map. 

Click here to speed up viewing this map, it will take you to the original Google Map, complete with legend.

B-29 Superfortress wreckage on
China Lake Naval Air Weapons Station


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