Roald Amundsen's 1910-1911 South Pole Expedition. (KML version)

This documentary, in the form of a Google Earth KML file, traces Roald Amundsen's successful 1910-1911 South Pole Expedition. With this interactive map, within the limits of modern satellite technology, you can digitally walk where few men have ever gone and few men ever succeeded.

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Unfortunately, Google Map cannot handle an expedition to the South Pole, so I had to use Google Earth in order to achieve this map. However, even Google Earth has its limitations in regard to the South Pole. For example, its default orientation faces North, so you will need to redirect it facing South once it opens. And, I am not sure if the detail south of minus 87 degrees is accurate considering the star burst effect in Google Earth at the center of Antarctica. BTW, when comparing this map to other maps of this expedition, the mountain ranges in hand drawn maps may disorient you because they don't show all the mountains shown in a Google satellite image.

The locations are determined by the following:

Location: Slaughter of the dogs

Project Gutenberg's The South Pole, Volumes 1 and 2, by Roald Amundsen

Chapter 10: - "Our plan was to take all the forty-two up to the plateau; there twenty-four of them were to be slaughtered, and the journey continued with three sledges and eighteen dogs. Of these last eighteen, it would be necessary, in our opinion, to slaughter six in order to bring the other twelve back to this point. As the number of dogs grew less, the sledges would become lighter and lighter, and when the time came for reducing their number to twelve, we should only have two sledges left. This time again our calculations came out approximately right; it was only in reckoning the number of days that we made a little mistake -- we took eight days less than the time allowed. The number of dogs agreed exactly; we reached this point again with twelve."

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Roald Amundsen, Helmer Hanssen, Sverre Hassel and Oscar Wisting (l–r) at "Polheim", the tent erected at the South Pole on 16 December 1911. The top flag is the Flag of Norway; the bottom is marked "Fram". Photograph by Olav Bjaaland.
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