Mind-Blowing Mines

With so many predicting the crash of the U.S. dollar in the coming months, and the rush to acquire commodities in exchange for fiat dollars, this documentary in the form of a Google Map, enables you to zoom in close on some of the largest and most productive gold, silver and diamond mines in existence. I just thought you would like to know just how much of these commodities there are so that you do not overpay for the gold and silver you most likely cannot take possession of. Considering how the LIBOR, ISDAfix, MW/Reuters currency market, the energy and oil  markets were all manipulated, don't you consider that the gold and silver markets are as well? And, the banks evidently feel that the fiat currency you want to exchange for their gold is worth more than the continuously increasing value of the gold you want to buy. Otherwise, why would the banks sell their precious gold for a devaluing fiat currency?

The locations were determined from the following sources:

Kalgoorlie "Super Pit" Gold Mine.
Udachnaya Pipe Diamond Mine.

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