Are there any ships you can see underwater in Google Map?

Are there any ships you can see underwater in Google Map? That is probably one of the most asked questions that keep appearing in MyReadingMapped's Google keyword search results. The answer to it is both yes and no. Why?  Because there are a some, but they have to be in shallow water, and not have been refloated or removed. Below are some examples. 

Keep in mind that Google constantly updates its maps, and due to the weather, what was able to be seen in one scan, may not be able to be seen in the next update due to clouds, water density or clarity, waves and/or reflection of the sun off the surface of the water. All of which seem to affect the ability of a satellite scan to see underwater. In addition, some of the images are mere ghost images due to the density and clarity of the water, or algae and other growth on the vessel. Others are mere indications, due to wave patterns smashing against the hull of the ship. The links with each image below will take you to where the ship rests on the bottom of the sea or lake. As you will discover for yourself, neither Google Map, nor Google Earth, can see below the water in most lakes but it does along the edges of the Great Lakes. And, one more thing, the ability to see ships underwater is limited by the blurring of the seafloor in order to reduce the amount of memory to upload, for more information on that see Understanding the Ocean Bottom in Google Map.

Also, this presentation addresses the specific question asked. That being ships underwater, as opposed to ships partially underwater, or ship wrecks on the surface which there are many more images of, and can be viewed in the many Google maps of Sunken Ships on MyReadingMapped. To see hundreds of abandoned ships in Google Map, see my Ship Graveyard map. Or, to see historic ships kept in outdoor museums, see my Historic Ships Preserved in Google Map map. So, for those few ships that can be seen in Google Map that are underwater, most of which are in Mallows Bay, here are all those I have been able to find...

Unknown ships off the northern coast of Madagascar.
Unknown ships in Mallows Bay, Maryland.
(click the photo to blow it up to see the ships.)
USS Arizona at Pearl Harbor.
German crusier Prinz Eugen at the Kwajalein Atoll.
Unknown ship off the coast of Qatar.
Astron Ship wreck of the Dominican Republic.
Unknown ship near Portsmouth, England.
Eldorado in Lake Erie.
Canobie in Lake Erie.

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