The shipwrecks of Google Map (Part 1 of 4)

The above Google map plots all the shipwrecks presented in the 4-part article below that can be seen in Google Map.
  • Atlantic Ocean (Part 1 - see the images below)
  • Pacific Ocean (Part 2)
  • Indian Ocean and Red Sea (Part 3)
  • North, Baltic, Black and Mediterranean Seas and the Great Lakes (Part 4)
  • Shipwrecks found underwater in Google Map

Shipwrecks of the Atlantic Ocean seen in Google Map

Bara Ambasador

Bos 400
De Goslar
Eduard Bohlen
French cruiser Primauguet
SS Atlantus
SS Selma
TSS Duke of Lancaster

Unknown ship near Kola Bay
Unknown ships in Mallows Bay
Maria Hope near Fortaleza
Unknown ship near ile aux Cormorans
Unknown ship near Hasi Habas
Unknown ship near Pointe de I'Or
SS San Pasqual near Cayo Las Brujas
Kiptopeke Breakwater
Lord Londsdale.
Unknown shipwreck in Tierra del Fuego. 
Unknown shipwreck at Crab Cay.
Unknown shipwreck at Cozumel.
Shipwreck in Marigot Bay, Saint Martin, French West Indies.
Shipwreck at Oranjestad, Aruba. 
Shipwreck Zeila of Hangana, Skelton Coast, Nambia.
Shipwreck at Arrecife, Lanzarote, Canary Islands.
Shipwreck at Tutóia, Maranhão, Brazil.
SS Lady Elizabeth in Stanley Harbour, Falkland Islands.
Abandoned Jhelum Ship in Stanley, Falkland Islands.
Shipwrecked Cargo Ship, Haiti.
Shipwrecks at Mar del Plata, Argentina.
 Abandoned ship Fremington Quay, Estuary of River Taw, UK.

Want to see more? Go to Part 2.

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