The World's Best Zoos in Google Map

Tiger at the Bronx Zoo.
Google Map/Panoramio
by Scott Hanko.
This documentary, in the form of a Google Map, enables you to zoom in on the top zoological parks in the world, that can also be seen in Google Map, as determined by the leading publisher's on the subject. Some of the zoos (the red push pins) can even be seen in Google's StreetView. In some cases the same zoos appeared on multiple lists.

There are several ways to experience each of these zoos:
  •  Several of the zoos can be visted in Google StreetView as shown below.
  • The Panoramio photo option within the map enable you to see photos of the animals.
  • The Google Earth KML file within the map enable you to digitally walk the zoo in 3D.
The rating system was determined by the following publishers:

Polar bears seen at the Nogeyama Zoo in StreetView.
Google Street.
Himalayan Tahr seen at the Taronga Zoo in StreetView.
Google Street.
Elephants seen at the National Zoological Gardens
of South Africa in StreetView.

Google Street.

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