Topography of Plate Tectonics

This documentary, in the form of a Google Map, attempts to put some real world topography to the United States Geological Survey (USGS) Plate Tectonic map shown below that is featured on Wikipedia's Plate Tectonics page. With the above Google map you can see the actual land and submarine topography that form the various tectonic plates. The intent of this map is to enable you see the mid ocean ridges, ocean trenches, submarine volcanoes, and thermal vents that form the edges of the plates rather than rely on an abstract map like that shown below. The Orange balloon placemarkers indicate just some of these submarine features you can see when you zoom in close.

One difference between these maps, I could not find any submarine features to support the Indian Plate as shown in the map below, instead I combined it with the Australian Plate as other maps online have done.

USGS Plate Tectonics Map.
Wikipedia Commons
Fracture zones  between the North American
and Eurasian Plates along the Mid Atlantic Ridge.

©Google / MyReadingMapped
Cliff between the Pacific and Indian/Australian Plates.
©Google /MyReadingMapped
The topography of plate tectonics between the Indian/Australian
and Eurasian Plates).

©Google /MyReadingMapped 
Plate tectonics in Google Earth 3D.
©Google /MyReadingMapped

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