Google Map of Geology

This documentary, in the form of a Google Map, provides examples of geology throughout the world that you can zoom in close on to see where the depressions, eduction, eskers, fabric, folds, faults, joints, horses, hoodoos, intrusions, kettles, lava fields, melange, monadnocks, polje, rifts, roof pendants, stratum, talus and more that are described elsewhere on the Internet actually are. The boxed legend contains Wikipedia descriptions of various geological terminology that are color and symbol coded to examples of each term. In addition, this map contains a Google Earth KML file that enables you to examine each site in 3D.

The Sims Corner esker shown in Google Earth. 
Folds at Raplee Ridge shown in Google Map. 
Monadnock at Pilot Mountain shown in Google Earth.
San Andreas Fault shown in Google Map.
Roof pendant on Mount Morrison in Google Earth.
Rift valley near Quilotoa, Ecuador shown in Google Map. 

Exfoliation joints at Half Dome shown in Google Earth.

Braided iron formation at Karijini National Park,
Western Australia shown in Google StreetView.

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