How to create a Google Map and publish it online.

Google has recently made changes to Google Map that affect how you create a Google Map. Be aware that any Classic Google Map you create at this point will in the coming months automatically be upgraded to the new My Maps platform under this mandate and you will need to make adjustments to the converted map. 

Assuming you have never made a Google Map before you should consider creating a Google My Map instead.

How to make a Google My Map of historic events :

  • Open this link to My Maps
  • Select "Create a new map"

 My Maps Basics for making custom
maps of historic events.

Setting up a Google My Map:

  • Decide how many layers you will need to plot your map. You can add four layers in order to plot your placemakers by year, by type or any other reason you may want to segment placemarkers into categories that you can turn on and off. 
  • Name whatever layers you added.
  • Select the base map you prefer for your map in order to see how well the style and color contrast with the map prefer.

Two ways to add placemarks to your map:

What you need to know about setting up a spreadsheet to make a map.

  • Properly labeling your columns will make a big difference in your success.
  • Assign column names for the following map content:
    • Placemark Name, Title, Latitude, Longitude, Address (if appropriate), Icon, Icon Color #, Photo URL, Paragraph 1, Paragraph 2, Paragraph 3, Paragraph 4, and Photo Credit.
    • What surprises me is that Google does not provide a template with the required column structure and data needed. So I made one you can adopt.
  • Getting the coordinate accurate enough to hit an exact ruin requires that you actually zoom all the way in and right-click to select "What is here?" Copy each half of the coordinate and paste it in the appropriate cell in your spreadsheet
  • When you have entered all the data into your spreadsheet, save a duplicate in the appropriate format instructed by Google. (CSV, TSV, KML, XLSX or a sheet from Google Drive)
  • To import your Layer spreadsheet, select the proper layer and choose Import.
  • At this point My Map will prompt you to assign the columns in your spreadsheet to various criteria the map needs to plot your map.

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